The tell-tale symptoms of depression

People who may be suffering from depression or manic disorders actually exhibit or show each and every kind of symptom of depression that doctors will tell you that depressed people have. Sometimes it’s actually quite easy to overlook such symptoms and not be able to help one’s self or others who are suffering from depression […]

The tell-tale symptoms of depression


Depression is commonly seen as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interferes with a person’s everyday activities.

Depression is not like a bullet targeted at anybody in particular, rather, it is a war weapon targeted at every living soul. It knows no social status or age. It only seeks for the flimsiest of excuses to penetrate a body and develop a parasitic relationship in the body of the host.

To help figure out if one is depressed, look out for the for following symptoms below.

Sadness: Sadness on its own is an emotion that humans go through from time to time. What makes it a symptom is how long it lasts. When it lasts for days, crawling into weeks, it’s likely to be depression.

Low Energy: No one has an energy reserve anywhere. In other words, people can run low on energy anytime, but when this lack of energy becomes a regular occurrence, depression may have found its way into the house.

Lack of Motivation: When someone experiences frequent lack of motivation in different activities, depression could be the cause.

Messed up Sleeping Pattern: People tend to ignore this very vital issue. When one hasn’t any form of physical health challenge, but finds it difficult to sleep most nights, or wakes up too early or even not sleep at all at night, it’s very possible that the mental health is not balanced.

Lack of Concentration: When you get distracted a good number of times, without any good reason and it ends up becoming a frequent occurrence, it’s most likely that depression has come knocking.

Self-Medicating: Self-medicating goes very well beyond the walls of buying malaria and typhoid drugs so as to keep intact when they come knocking. Here we are talking about those drugs you take an overdose of it so as to sleep well, the ones you take to feel elevated above your worries, the alcohol you take to feel free from the troubles of this world, the cocaine you sniff to feel better than you were some minutes ago, the marijuana you smoke to feel high and forget your pain and sorrows. Those are the kind of drugs we are talking about.

Self Blame, Guilt, and Worthlessness: There is this game people play, the game of self-assessment. A lot of persons go into this game not knowing the major rule of the game which is telling yourself the truth from the point of no judgement. Some persons end up judging themselves, they begin to wallow in self worthlessness, self-guilt for things that are not their fault or even blame themselves for virtually everything that goes wrong anywhere around them. That is depression taking a tour in your life.

Suicidal Thoughts: When people hear of a suicide, their religious sense becomes very much at alert, and ‘God forbid’ begins to fly left, right, and centre. They forget that anyone down with depression can be prone to it. When people begin to imagine that ending their lives is the best option to escape the troubles of the world, that is suicidal thoughts kicking in.

Hopelessness: When the thought of not caring about your job, school, family, not wanting to know what the future holds, the point when nothing in life or in the world matters to you, it is the typical sign If hopelessness, a symptom of depression.

Change in Weight: When one is depressed, there is always a shift in their appetite. Some it increases, leading to a large intake of any kind of food, thereby resulting to obesity. Some lose appetite entirely leading to little or no intake of food thereby causing emaciation.

There are other different symptoms not mentioned in this post, e.g self-harming, when people cut themselves as a way of letting go of the emotions running through them.

There are also others that may not have occurred to us during the time of researching for this post, our comment session is wide open to accommodate them.

Mental Health And Its Importance

Our mental health includes our psychological, emotional and social well-being. Mental health contributes to how we feel, think and behave. It also contributes to our decision-making process, how we manage stress and relate or interact with other people in our lives. Mental well-being is very important at every stage of life from infancy and adolescence all through adulthood.

One of the major importance of mental health well-being is that it enhances one’s productivity and effectiveness in activities like work, school, sports, etc, thereby leading to a high level of positive output.

Also having a balanced mental health condition gives room for one to adapt to changes in life and cope with adversity. In a situation when someone whose mental health condition is poor loses a relation or a loved one, they may never recover from the shock of the news because their state of mind has been tampered with and bringing in sad news for the same mind to handle may lead to disaster if no proper attention or care is given to them.

In addition, someone with good mental health tends to adapt easily to changes as they come because most times these changes may not be things that they can control. Having accepted what comes with the changes helps to keep their mind at rest thereby helping them avoid the anxiety of not being able to control it.

One outstanding reason why mental health well-being is important is that good mental health well-being equals a high level of confidence and vice versa. When someone’s state of mind is already tampered with by any form of mental health condition or disorder, their grip at confidence wavers. They would doubt their ability to perform simple tasks and if not well attended to, low self-esteem may kick in.

When properly handled, good mental health condition helps to access, achieve and sustain a good state of mind, aiding in enjoying life, the environment and the people in it. We can be creative, try new things and take calculated risks.

The importance of mental health can never be overemphasized. Always remember that one’s mental health is as important as physical health. Remember to always worry less about things you have no control over.

When it feels like you are wallowing in fear, pain, or anxiety, talk to people, family and friends. When you feel like talking to people isn’t helping, seek medical help and follow up with therapy.

Don’t forget that your life is yours and you get to live it how you choose to. No one has the right to detect to you how you should live it, so when you fall, take a deep breath and rise when you feel like. Do not allow your self to be pressured into any thing.

Hey reader, I know there are other importance of mental health swimming in the ocean of your mind. Why don’t you pour it out on the comment section and also give this post a thumbs up.

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